Characteristics to Look For in a Commercial Plumbing Contractor in Wellington

commercial plumbing contractor WellingtonYou won’t decide right away to hire a plumber, will you? In any plumbing emergency, a part of you would want to fix it yourself. Why? Because you will pay premium dollars if you hire a professional plumber.

So then you decide that plumbing isn’t really something you can do. Hey, before hiring a plumber, ensure that you know what to expect from them:

You hire a plumber for their expertise. They should be able to provide a solution to your plumbing problem. In a residential or commercial setting, trial and error is not acceptable because they should be trained to handle all plumbing tasks before accepting any work correct?

This is the reason why it is best to hire trusted Wellington plumbers. Better pay premium than be sorry later. Here are the characteristics of a commercial plumbing contractor that you should look for.

  • Problem solver
  • Sensible
  • Certified
  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Has depth know how on this line
  • Trustworthy
  • Clean
  • Polite

When it comes to professional plumbing, accuracy is a must otherwise you would be wasting time, money and effort should you go trial and error.

Professional plumbers have the right certification, training and license to do various plumbing tasks to give you an assurance that the task is in good hands. Companies like Plumbers 911 has a network of licensed plumbers who all undergo rigorous training of more than 10,000 hours before they jump to actual work. This is to ensure that they know too well every knitty gritty of the plumbing problem and so they could face each client with confidence.

Also ensure that the plumbing service technician you hire have the great tools and the highest quality equipment as possible. Dealing with plumbing matters vary from case to case so they should be ready with every possible tool needed for the job.

Finally, in selecting a commercial plumber in Wellington, choose someone who is geared for excellence.

Cleaning the Floor Drain in Your Chicago Home

sump pump repair ChicagoThe basement, unless someone lives there, is the most neglected part of a home. Maybe because someone barely goes there unless they need to get something. It goes without saying that the drains in the basement are, more often than not, ignored until it rains and the basement gets flooded.

But did you know that cleaning the floor drains are just as important as the ones you do for the kitchen and shower drains? Hire a trusted Chicago plumber to do this task, however, if you’re a penny pincher like me, then do the task yourself! The important thing here is, the task is done and your basement don’t get flooded during the rainy season.

  1. Safety first. Ensure that you are wearing working glove before starting anything. Look for the floor drain in the basement and take off its lid by removing the screws and lifting the lid off. You will then have access to the pipe.
  2. By using a toothbrush or thin brush, remove any debris on the lid and inside the drain. Brush off the unwanted buildup of substances found on the sides of the drain.
  3. To loosen up the sludge sticking on the walls of the pipe, slowly pour boiling hot water and wait for 10-15 minutes for the water to dissipate.
  4. Pour a box of baking soda in the drain but ensure that the entire walls are covered. This takes off the odor inside the drain. Pour 3 cups of vinegar down the drain, the chemical reaction it will have with the baking soda will serve as a cleaning agent.
  5. Let it sit for 10 minutes and slowly pour 6 cups of boiling water to rinse it. This eliminates the remaining sludge left on the walls.
  6. Do this process in the next 3 months to ensure that your basement clog is clear before the rainy season starts.

How to Prevent Backflow in Your Lenexa Home

backflow repair Lenexa

Backflow is the flow of any solid, gas or liquid source opposite to the normal direction of your water flow back into your potable water supply. It is normally professionals who do the testing because it needs proper equipment and license to perform backflow testing in Lenexa.

There are two types of backflow: backsiphonage and backpressure.

Backsiphonage is an occasion wherein the water supply pipelines has negative pressure. This can be prevented. The causes of this are: high velocity in pipelines, the suction side has reduced supply pressure, high water withdrawal rate, or line or break repair found lower than the service point.

Backpressure, on the other hand, happens when the potable system is linked to the non-potable supply of water that functions under a higher pressure like water pump or boiler. It happens when the intersections are not attached to each other properly. When this happens, there is a big chance of non-potable water entering the potable water system.

Nowadays, there are so many assemblies capable of preventing backflow. All of them are used to protect the potable water system from backpressure and backsiphonage occurrences.

How to Prevent Backflow

We have assemblies and devices for that, however, the installation of modern assemblies to prevent backflow is very critical. It has to be done with the proper equipment by someone licensed to perform it is required. Someone who isn’t certified and licensed could lead the whole potable water system to contamination.

Only water purveyors and certified CCC testers are licensed to do this as they are usually informed about the new devices and assemblies capable of preventing backflow and backpressure incidents.

Municipalities put certified CCC testers and water surveyors to conduct these programs along with the mandatory testing and maintenance, and the correct installation of backflow prevention devices.

If you are doubting that your potable water system has this problem, contact your local Lenexa water purveyors or licensed plumbing agent immediately.

Drain Cleaning Problems in Chicago

emergency plumbing chicagoIn offices and homes, drain cleaning problems are very common. And because of this, it has been a norm to go DIY and fix the problem by themselves or call the neighborhood plumber or company janitor to excuse themselves from paying plumbing expenses.  Bottomline? They end up paying more for sewage and pipeline damages.

If you are in Chicago, here are the reasons why it is best to call local Chicago plumbers:

Who would want to clean a clogged drain? It’s messy and should only be done by professionals. Imagine the time you will spend finding out the real cause of the blockage, the exact tools that you will be needing, and finally…how will you use them?

Time is expensive and essential so in the end, you will be spending more! A local plumber knows all of these and can solve ANY plumbing issue in a short period of time.


A professional plumber has a complete training in this area so he knows the right tools and the materials to use for every sewage or plumbing problem. No time is wasted and no damage is done because they know what they’re doing.

Most of the time, clogged drains are not just caused by clogs but a serious problem with the entire plumbing system. Possible causes could be collapse pipes, inadequate ventilation, and bent slop. These will be easily identified and corrected by plumbing experts.



While it may sound practical to go the DIY route, sometimes it could pose danger to you if not done properly. One common example is when you pour a bottle of caustic cleaning agent into the drains. What you don’t know is that it ends up as a dangerous chemical pool in the bottom and could let off harmful fumes. Professionals can and should handle this task for you.

Spending a little for your convenience, safety and job efficiency is not bad at all. It is an intelligent actually. For clogged drains in Chicago, call a reliable plumber immediately.